Dr. Kifah Fakhouri (Chairman) was the Director of the Jordanian National Music Conservatory – King Hussein Foundation from 1988 to 2012. He was the president of the International Music Council from October 2001 to October 2005. As the Secretary General of the Arab Academy of Music (Arab League), Kifah Fakhouri is the editor in chief of the “Arab Music Journal”. He also organizes competitions for instruments used in Arab music, as well as festivals, conferences and events that deal mainly with music in the Arab world. He also established and conducted the Beirut Symphonic Band as well as other ensembles as part of his work both in Lebanon and Jordan. Fakhouri is also Associate Professor at the College of Musicology, University of the Holy Spirit, Kaslik (Lebanon).

Livia Prodromou (Board Secretary) is Cypriot of Hungarian origin. She studied international affairs and foreign languages at the Budapest University. She is a Board member and International Affairs Secretary of Cultural Movement Epilogi. She works in the Limassol business sector as a professional Office manager. Livia is fluent in 5 European languages.

Dr. Husham Sharaf, Iraqi in nationality who lives in Jordan at present, works as Manager in the Arab Academy of Music – League of Arab States. He is also a clarinet faculty member at the National Music Conservatory of King Hussein Foundation. Among the posts he held previously were: the vice president of the International Music Council (2011 -2013), Managing Amman Symphony Orchestra (2008-2012) and Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra (1995-2005). He also worked at the School of Music and Ballet in Baghdad as Director (2002) and Technical Affairs Officer (1993-2001). Mr. Sharaf holds a master’s degree in music, and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. In addition he has a diploma in music (clarinet).

Blasko Smilevski is currently Secretary General of Jeunesses Musicales International, member of the Board of the IMC and member of the Board of Culture Action Europe. He has previously worked as International Officer for Jeunesses Musicales Macedonia, Youth Policy Advisor for the Macedonia Government and Consultant on youth policy and development for the World Bank. His work has allowed him to gain significant experience in working with young people in the design of local and national cultural and youth policies.

Dubravka Dujmovic-Kusan was born in Zagreb, where she studied Political Sciences on Zagreb University. She is Secretary General of Jeunesses Musicales Croatia. She is Board member of Jeunesses Musicales International. She is also a Chair person of JM Europe. Dubravka have more than 20 years of experience and professional work in field of Youth and Music. During that period she worked on different projects and programs as project manager. Till 2004 she was Director of International Cultural Centre of JM Croatia, now days one of two JMI World Meeting Centers. As a founder and a producer of two high-level youth music ensembles (Bing Bang – percussion ensemble and HGM jazz orchestra Zagreb) she promote importance of informal music education.

Tatiana Tsietti was born in Famagusta. She studied in Leipzig Technical University and works as Civil Engineering. Since 1984 she lives in Limassol. She is a member of Steering Committee of bi-communal “Kontea Conservation Site” project aiming at preservation and development of cultural infrastructure of the Kontea village. Since 2007 she is the Board member of Cultural Movement Epilogi which works with the mission to promote and develop local community through cultural activities.