Apply now for the first Ethno Jordan

The National Music Conservatory/King Hussein Foundation and in cooperation with Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI), the Arab Academy of Music (Arab League) and the Cultural Movement-Limassol-Epilogi (Cyprus) would like to announce the first ever ETHNO JORDAN (Euro-Arab Music Lab) which will take place in Amman, Jordan from 1-6 September 2012.

Ethno Jordan will welcome 40 young folk/traditional Arab and European musicians to Amman to share, teach, and learn traditional/folk music in order to discover the cultural identity of different nations through music and to ensure that these cultures are preserved and enjoyed generation after generation. It is an opportunity for musicians to discover and connect with their and other cultural heritages in a relevant way.

Participation Requirements:
Age Limit: 18-30
Eligible countries: All EU countries, Palestine, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan
Number of participants from each country: 5 (4 musicians and a leader or 5 musicians one of whom acts as a leader) whether it is an ensemble or individual musicians, all participants should be traditional/folk music performers.
All participants should fill in the application form attached and send it by 15/8/2012

Participation Fees:

The National Music Conservatory/King Hussein Foundation will cover the following:
50% of the CHEAPEST airline ticket spotted by either the organizer or the applicant
Internal transportation
Concert production and promotion (except the transfer of instruments from abroad)

Participants should cover the following:
50% of the total cost of the airline ticket upon arrival.
Instrument transfer
Visas (if needed) – the official invitation will be issued by the organizers upon request
All personal extras (drinks, food, local transport – apart from the officially organized)


For more info contact Hind at

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