Mediterranean Choral Forum

International experts in choral music from the Euro-Med regions get together in Limassol to network and discuss different topics of interest.


9:30 – Registration
9:45 – Opening Ceremony

10:00 – Choral Networking on national and international levels: benefits and challenges
Facilitator: Gábor Móczár (Hungary)
Speaker 1: Marina Velasquez (Spain)
Speaker 2: Kifah Fakhouri (Lebanon/Jordan)
Rapporteur: Hisham Sharaf (Jordan/Iraq)

10:45 – Young people and choirs in Mediterranean: empowerment, mobility, employment, education
Facilitator: Andri Hadjigeorgiou (Cyprus)
Speaker 1: Nedy Muna (Jordan)
Speaker 2: Roula Abou Baker (Lebanon)
Rapporteur: Nenad Bogdanovic (Cyprus/Serbia)

12:00 – The Art of singing in European and Arab music – Maintaining the Value of Music Traditions in Choral Practices
Facilitator: Barkev Taslakian (Lebanon)
Speaker 1: Mohammed Sidiq (Jordan)
Speaker 2: Alkis Baltas (Greece)
Rapporteur: Shehab Ezzat (Egypt)

12:45 – Snapshots (showcases) of Social role of youth choirs: peace, democracy, gender, dialogue, sustainable development.
Facilitator: Côme Ferrand Cooper (Germany/France)
Speaker 1: Salam Yousry (Egypt)
Speaker 2: Yiannis Miralis (Cyprus)
Rapporteur: Mouna Zraik – Sayegh (Lebanon)

13:30 – 14:00 – Conclusions

Free Entrance.

A part of VOICE project funded by EU “Culture” Programme and co-funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus.