EAYMC is thrilled to announce that ‘Ethno Cyprus 2016’ will take place in Limassol. 35 young talented musicians from European and Arab countries will come together to discover the common roots of European and Arab civilizations.

Choral Crossroads 2013: Singing The Bridges

Following the success of the first Euro-Mediterranean Youth Choral Festival in 2011, The Cultural Movement of Limassol “Epilogi” in collaboration with the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat, organizes the second meeting of youth choirs which will bring together for three days over 200 participants for conferences, workshops and concerts that aim to explore choral music as peace building tool and stimulate collaboration within the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The project is a part of VOICE project funded by EU “Culture” Programme and co-funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus.

Ethno Cyprus 2013

40 young virtuosos on traditional instruments from Europe (Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus) and Arab countries (Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan), will meet to explore their common cultural identity. Teaching each other for 10 days through music workshops, they will create a concert program combining creatively the music sounds of Mediterranean and their own home countries under the artistic leadership of Andreas Christodoulou.

Euro-Med Youth Music Expo 2012

The Euro-Mediterranean Youth Music Expo is a four-day event which combines various modalities of high-level youth music activities and productions embracing all musical genres. This large-scale event will bring together over 200 young musicians (young soloists, youth bands and orchestras from all musical backgrounds, classical, ethnic, jazz, rock, hip-hop, reggae etc), music teachers, organizers and professionals altogether related for a multilevel educational and artistic fair which includes workshops, seminars, open-air public concerts, music labs and more! It will also be a meeting point for young musicians and professionals working in the field of cultural management and other related services (cultural NGOs, production companies, record labels, recording studios, web design and developers, music schools and academies) that will be invited from all over the Mediterranean in order to share their experience and advise/train the young musicians and participants on professional career development issues.

Ethno Jordan 2012: Euro-Arab Music Lab

Ethno Jordan welcomed 40 young folk/traditional Arab and European musicians to Amman to share, teach, and learn traditional/folk music in order to discover the cultural identity of different nations through music and to ensure that these cultures are preserved and enjoyed generation after generation.

Choral Crossroads 2011

The Euro-Mediterranean Choral Fair “Choral Crossroads 2011” was a four-days project that brought together 10 youth choirs from Cyprus, Estonia, Egypt, Greece, Serbia, Jordan, Lebanon and Hungary. The project will combined the thematic educational and artistic activities: workshops, lectures, concerts and public games, and with participation of experts and cultural workers from the both shores of the Mediterranean sea. “Choral Crossroads 2011” project was a part of a wider “Euro-Mediterranean Youth Music Dialogues” (2011-2012) project, that aims to stimulate the dialogue and mutual understanding among cultural workers and artists of two sides of Mediterranean by bringing them together, improving perceptions between them, and reducing the existing gaps and prejudices.