Cyprus in Action 2017

Euro Arab Youth Music Center organized “Cyprus in Action 2017” in Limassol, Cyprus from the 23rd to the 27th of November 2017!

“Cyprus in Action 2017” was an international training course co-organised by JM International, the Arab Academy of Music of the League of Arab States, JM Croatia and Cultural Movement of Limassol “Epilogi”, aiming to support young cultural managers and NGO youth workers from both shores of the Mediterranean to further enhance their skills on developing and managing youth music programs that make a difference, using music as a tool to encourage cultural cooperation and promote peace. 

This year’s theme was “Music as a tool of empowerment of young people from European Union and Arab countries: Encouraging cultural cooperation, promoting peace.”
This training course, using intercultural learning methodology focused on creating awareness and exchanging knowledge in order to reinforce mutual understanding and respect for fundamental values and improve cooperation through music.

Participants from Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, Afghanistan, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Poland, Croatia and Cyprus had the opportunity to share experiences and best practices on projects encouraging tolerance and understanding and to develop practical tools that reinforced their capacities to develop projects that promote active citizenship and social integration enabling them to become agents of positive changes in their communities.

In the turmoil of the common challenges we are facing in Europe and in the Middle East, “Cyprus in Action 2017” brought together young cultural workers to build an alliance that can contribute to economic and social development.”